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Garner Custom Signs


From your storefront to your interior, you can use our high-quality Garner custom signs to help improve your overall business performance. With our tools, skills, and extensive experience, our team can certainly provide you with attractive signage that will increase your traffic, customer engagement, and average sales.

custom outdoor building signs

Whether you need indoor or outdoor signs, we can design, manufacture, and install your custom signs with the look and function that best fit your marketing goal.

From promotional to informational signs and graphics, we can tailor them to your budget, brand image, installation area, target audience, and timetable.

Talk to our signage experts today, and we’ll gladly walk you through your different custom signage choices and their specific pros and cons.

Regardless of what you choose, however, rest assured that we will deliver the best signage solution to your particular marketing goals.

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Stand Out With Unique Signage

Even with high-quality products and services, you won’t see a surge in customer traffic if you fail to use attractive and professional-looking signage. That is why if you want to maximize your marketing opportunities, include our Garner custom signs in your investments and allow us to transform both your storefront and interior into a more captivating place that your potential customers would love to visit.

Our graphic designers will help you have a creative and unique storefront sign that will let you outshine your competitors. You can have it with a unique shape, bigger dimensions, vibrant colors, and additional design elements to attract potential customers and compel them to choose you over your competitors.

Aside from your permanent storefront sign, our Garner, NC sign company can also provide you with custom promotional and informational signage for outdoor and indoor usage. We’ll make sure that all of them are crafted from durable materials and completed with professional designs that will leave a long-lasting good impression on your target market.

Designed for Your Brand & Business

In designing your Garner custom signs, Carolina Signs and Wonders won’t just settle for an attention-grabbing appearance. We will also ensure that your signage’s overall look will match your brand image and appeal to your specific target market.

attractive custom lobby signageBy consistently and creatively using your branding elements (e.g., colors, fonts, logo, slogan), we can give you a cohesive set of indoor and outdoor signs that work together to make your brand unforgettable. We’ll also customize your signage for your particular business needs, depending on your location, workplace conditions, and signage purpose, among others.

By carefully considering all your business needs as well as your personal expectations, our team can select the best material and graphic design to fabricate the most satisfactory products. From 24/7 illuminated signage to long-lasting informative signs that can withstand various temperatures or weather conditions, we can deliver them to you.

Included in our popular custom signs are the following:

If you want recommendations for the most suitable outdoor or indoor sign for your promotional or information purposes, feel free to talk to our signage experts and discuss your needs. We’ll help you pick the appropriate kind of signage and determine all other customization details as well, such as the materials, dimensions, and type illumination, if ever needed.

Our Custom Sign Process

As a trusted full-service signage provider, Carolina Signs and Wonders always makes sure that our signage customization process is done with the utmost meticulousness. From the initial consultation to the final signage installation, our team will ensure that our service is no less than satisfactory.

Custom Tradeshow DisplayOur process begins with a consultation where we get to know your signage ideas, personal preferences, and other business needs that will be relevant to the creation of your custom signs. These will include your budget, signage purpose, intended duration of usage, installation area, and specific target market. During the consultation, we’ll also set realistic expectations, so you’ll know exactly how long the process will take and what kind of outcome is fitting for your specified budget.

After the consultation, our graphic designers will start customizing your signage design by referring to all the information you gave us. Once done, we’ll present the mock-up design to you so you can approve it, and we can begin the fabrication. However, you can also request some modifications, which our graphic designers will gladly accommodate.

The manufacturing process will then begin after you’ve finally approved the design. We do the entire process in-house, so we can ensure that everything will be done according to your approved details. Everything about your signage will be expertly crafted within the least time necessary from the material to the dimension and illumination. Additionally, we will source the best type of material that will give you both the functionality and cost-effectiveness you’re looking for.

And once your custom sign is complete, our installation team will then finish the project with a secure and flawless installation process that follows all the local signage guidelines while ensuring the safety of both your sign and our crew. In the end, we guarantee a signage project that will save you time and money while still generating satisfactory marketing results for your business.

Free Custom Sign Consultation

Garner Custom Signs carolina signs content logoBusiness competitions are now getting tougher and tougher. Whether you own a small start-up business or are running an already well-established company, you must maximize all your marketing investments, especially when it comes to your business signs.

With proper signage, your building will have improved visibility and be more attractive to your potential customers. Your interior will also be adorned with not only eye-catching graphics but also informational signage that will help both your customers and employees.

Interested in having effective promotional and informational custom signs that will give the best bang for your buck? Talk to our signage experts now, and we’ll be happy to plan the best custom signage for your business today!

Call Carolina Signs and Wonders at (919) 355-3018 for your Free Consultation with a Garner Custom Sign Specialist!