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Boosting your sales and overall engagement has never been easier. With our long-lasting Chapel Hill digital signs, you can create a highly visible storefront and a captivating interior, all at a cost-effective price!

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Digital signs are highly customizable signage that can add a more professional and modern appeal to any establishment. They can be used as stand-alone signs or dynamic additions to other signage structures, like monument signs and pole signs. Due to their innate attractiveness and durability, they are ideal for both outdoor and indoor applications.

Even better, Carolina Signs and Wonders offers them with guaranteed meticulous customization. You can choose what type, style, and size of digital sign you want, and we’ll tailor the rest of the details to fit your budget and branding guidelines. This ensures that you’ll get the highest-quality signage that you can afford.

Furthermore, digital display signs offer the flexibility to effortlessly update their content, whether it’s an image or a video, whenever the situation demands it. This adaptability makes them a smart marketing investment capable of providing long-term benefits for your business!

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Dynamic, Attractive Digital Signs

It’s hard to ignore a vibrant digital sign, especially at night. They can make your storefront more appealing as they can be customized with more design options than conventional signage. Thanks to their high-resolution screens that let you display engaging content, you can invite more people into your establishment by showcasing entrancing images or even riveting videos.

custom digital electronic signThese display options allow you to leave a much bigger marketing impact and reach a wider audience. Studies show that people are more likely to engage with videos and full-color images rather than text-heavy signs.

With the right custom design, our Chapel Hill digital signs can let you broadcast a more comprehensive informational or promotional campaign without boring your target market.

Additionally, you can always change your digital sign display whenever you want. You don’t need to buy another sign to post another marketing message; you only need to program your digital sign to present another image or video of your choice. This can significantly cut your marketing budget in the long run and lets you put the money into other aspects of your business!

Outdoor Digital Displays

Many of our clients install their customized Chapel Hill digital signs on their storefronts.

lighted digital message center pole signTheir high-resolution displays can effectively pull more customers into your establishment from day to night. You can install them on your building’s facade or mount them on a pole or monument sign near the highway, attracting passersby 24/7.

Digital signs are available with different screen sizes, so you can pick one that best meets your visibility needs. If you have a lot of surrounding competitors, you can outshine them easily with our extra-large digital screen. New customers can easily locate your building since large digital signs are eye-catching even from afar.

Moreover, outdoor digital signs are not only beneficial for businesses. Aside from displaying promotional messages, you can also program them to showcase videos, images, or real-time data about useful information that the public can use.

Indoor Digital Displays

It’s not enough to have an impressive storefront alone. You also need to invest in transforming your interior into a more remarkable place for your guests and customers.

custom digital menu boardSigns that can help them navigate your establishment or compel them to purchase more are necessary. Even signs for purely decorative purposes can help improve your customers’ overall experience, thus making your establishment somewhere they want to visit again. Fortunately, our custom digital signs can help you do all these at a reasonable rate!

You can utilize digital displays such as menu boards, posters (promotional, motivational, or otherwise), or information boards. People won’t have a hard time finding them, and they’re easy to comprehend, given their high-resolution screens.

From branding and promotional to informational and decorative purposes, all your signage needs can be provided by Carolina Signs and Wonders. Our personalized Chapel Hill digital signs are particularly attractive, highly visible, and can give the best band for your buck!

Full-Service Sign Company

Carolina Signs and Wonders is a well-established name within the Chapel Hill, NC signage industry. We boast a rich history of providing exceptional signage solutions through our dedicated team of signage designers, manufacturers, and installers.

custom lighted digital message board pole sign

As we are committed to exceeding customer expectations, we offer a wide range of custom business signs made by adhering to the industry’s highest standards. Our team utilizes premium materials so we can skillfully craft different signage that are durable and visually appealing but also budget-friendly.

If you work with us, rest assured that we’ll give the best value to your signage investment. You can confirm through our various customer reviews that our services are characterized by efficiency and meticulous attention to detail. Our seasoned professionals are fully equipped and always ready to handle signage design, manufacturing, and installation projects with precision.

Additionally, we offer more customized signs other than digital signs. These include:

  1. Channel letters
  2. Dimensional letters
  3. Monument signs
  4. Pylon signs
  5. Electronic message centers
  6. Lighted signs

Feel free to choose any of the abovementioned signs. If you need something that’s not on the list, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and enquire. No matter what you choose, trust that Carolina Signs and Wonders will deliver your meticulously customized sign in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Free Digital Sign Consultation

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Given today’s overcrowded commercial spaces, you need something to distinguish your establishment from your competitors. Our custom digital signs are your solution, making it effortless to stand out!

We craft our digital signs with top-tier industrial-grade materials. This is to ensure that our clients receive durable signage suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Moreover, our in-house graphic designers are committed to helping you customize your signs to better captivate your target audience.

Additionally, we also employ our team of professional installers. Whether you want an indoor or outdoor digital sign, we offer a secure and smooth signage installation service that can help guarantee your signage’s longevity and high visibility.

Call Carolina Signs and Wonders today at (919) 355-3018 for your Free Consultation with a Chapel Hill Digital Sign expert!