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Garner Lighted Signs

One of the major goals of any business is to keep its facility visible at all times so it can create positive impressions about the brand in a wider audience and bring in significant traffic. Business signs can help with this target, but not all are visible at night or during certain weather conditions. If you want to bypass this problem, the best way to do this is by investing in personalized Garner lighted signs from a trusted sign company like Raleigh Sign Company.

custom illuminated channel letters

Raleigh Sign Company is a dedicated sign company that can create unique lighted signs for any client or application.

When we handle sign requests, we guide the clients in every step, from conceptualizing the design to its manufacturing, installation, and maintenance. Customers are guaranteed to get high-quality signs from us anytime they need them for their events or promotions.

Our team can create lighted signs for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Let the assigned sign expert from our team know what you are looking for, and they will streamline the process so you can get the signs immediately.

Call Raleigh Sign Company at (919) 355-3018 for your Free Consultation with a Garner Lighted Sign expert!

Traditional Neon Signs

custom neon sign

Since it was conceptualized, neon signs have been a staple to many businesses across the country. They often have vibrant colors and are tailored to promote the brand using these signs. When it is turned on, it is quite easy to spot, even if they are very small.

However, getting authentic neon signs and using them now require more work. It is often made to order, and getting one is very expensive. Once you have one, it will be hard to maintain since it is hand-made and uses much electricity when used even for a short time.

Fortunately, you can still get traditional neon signs for a fraction of the cost with the help of LED lights that mimic neon lighting. Raleigh Sign Company has a wide selection of neon LED lights that can be used for traditional neon sign requests, and we can tailor them to the element you want to display. We can also handle the installation process so you can use your new signs safely, and it will not require constant repairs.

Lighted LED Signs

Cafe Icon Lighted Storefront Sign Channel Letters

Most of the personalized Garner lighted signs we create use LED lighting because it is versatile and cheaper to use or repair than neon or traditional lighting. You can get LED lighting that mimics traditional lighting and can easily be replaced if needed.

When you get lighted LED signs from us, you know they will be made with durable materials and reliable LED lights that will make your signs vibrant for a long time. They will also be designed with additional protection so that if you plan to use them in an outdoor setting, they will not be damaged easily by the elements.

We highly recommend lighted LED signs to businesses during evening hours, like restaurants, theaters, clubs, cafes, hotels, and those who wish to remain visible 24/7.

Indoor Lighted Signs

You can also consider using lighted signs for indoor applications, especially if you are surrounded by different businesses or tenants that can prevent your target audience from finding your location.

Royal Cyber - Indoor Backlit Lobby SignAnother notable application you can consider indoor lighted signs for is reinforcing your branding and allowing the sign to tell your brand’s story to those who see it.

We can tailor these indoor lighted signs to any configuration and design you want. We will guide you through the options and make sure that the specifications you selected will fit your content well and that it is personalized to reflect your brand. The final product will surely set your lighted signs apart from your competition and create positive impressions from those who see it.

We use polymer tubes for indoor lighted signs to achieve the right lighting configuration to fit indoor settings. We can also customize the shape of the sign to suit your ideal image. Our installers will also be on hand to check for the best spots to install your lighted signs so people can immediately see them.

Programmable Digital Message Centers

If you want to use your lighted signs for a long time and have a flexible means to promote your business, programmable digital message centers are the best investment you can make.

Dairy Queen Pylon SignAs its name implies, this lighted sign will allow you to program the display to feature any marketing or promotional content. You can do this by using a special program connected to the message center, which will automatically reflect the changes for people to see. These digital message centers can show a combination of text, images, and video, and they can be programmed to show content at specific times to attract the right audiences.

Our programmable digital message centers use energy-efficient and eco-friendly LED/LCD panels. Using these panels will help the display stand out and reduce the electricity needed to run the entire display throughout the day. We can also create message centers as a standalone display or a part of your existing business signs.

Full-Service LED Sign Company

If you want a stress-free full sign service, you will not go wrong with Raleigh Sign Company.

Garner Lighted Signs illuminated cabinet channel letters outdoor install 300x225We are dedicated to providing a comprehensive sign service to all our clients regardless of their design requirements and budget. We take our time to get to know our clients so we can create the signs perfectly to the client’s specifications and branding. Our team also uses high-quality materials for personalized signs because we know how important these signs are for your business’ growth and visibility.

For personalized Garner lighted signs, we can personalize them to match the brand’s theme, colors, font style, and logo, then add the right optimization or features. We will even visit your location to determine how your lighted signs should be designed and where they should be installed to get the intended effect.

We will then make the signs in-house with high-quality components, and we have electricians on standby to help with installation. Once installed, these signs will not require regular maintenance, and you can reach out to us to get your signs repaired or replaced if there are any issues.

Aside from lighted signs, we can also do other business signs at Raleigh Sign Company. All you need to do is let us know your business goals, and we will narrow down the lighted sign options for your consideration. We’ll get to work once you select the lighted sign for your project.

Free Lighted Sign Consultation

Garner Lighted Signs rsigns logo 300x48Make your business visible at all times by getting personalized lighted signs! Our Garner, NC sign company can help you pick the best type of lighted signs for your business and customize it to suit your brand and content easily. No matter where you intend to use it and what you want it to look like, our team can deliver your requested signs on time, and they will surely turn everyone’s attention to your business.

Call Raleigh Sign Company at (919) 355-3018 for your Free Consultation with a Garner Lighted Sign expert!