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Garner Outdoor Signs


If your building doesn’t have a professional or inviting appeal on the outside, it’s easy to lose potential customers to your competitors. That’s why if you want to increase your customer engagement, you should invest in attractive, visible, and compelling Garner outdoor signs that will last a long time.

custom lighted signs

And if you want to get the best bang for your buck, allow Carolina Signs and Wonders to design, manufacture, and install the best outdoor sign for your business. We’ll make sure that your signage will leave a good impression on your target market and make it easy for people to locate and distinguish your establishment.

Moreover, we will give your outdoor signs eye-catching designs and craft them out of the most durable, cost-effective materials that suit your installation area. This way, you can confidently use them for a long time without worrying about early damages and frequent replacement expenses.

Talk to our signage experts now, and we can begin transforming your storefront and increasing your traffic as early as today!

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Storefront & Building Signs

Say you’ve advertised your business online, or some of your satisfied customers have spread the word about your products or services. Even if this has reached potential customers and they’re now trying to visit your location, you might still miss this amazing business opportunity if you don’t have visible or attractive outdoor signs.

That’s why at Carolina Signs and Wonders, we produce premium-quality Garner outdoor signs that will maximize your visibility, impress customers, and make your storefront easily identifiable with a unique, brand-reinforcing design. More importantly, we’ll use durable materials on your exterior signage so you can attract more customers for a long time.

Included in the versatile and highly effective outdoor signs that you can use for your building are the following:

Channel Letters & Dimensional Letters

For establishments that want a professional, classic storefront, Carolina Signs and Wonders can provide you with channel or dimensional letters. These 3D signage elements are individually cut and are proven to be effective in increasing your visibility.

custom dimensional signsThey can be effortlessly attractive as they’re easily customized to have the form of any letter, number, symbol, image, or shape you want. There’s also no limit to what color you want for your signage. However, only channel letters have hollow spaces inside that can be used to house LED lighting. Dimensional letters can still be illuminated, though, by using LED backlighting or face-lit translucent acrylic faces.

Installing these signs is also easy. You can choose between direct installation onto your building or use of a raceway to mount your dimensional and channel letters. The former will give you a more attractive finish, but the latter is more time-efficient.

Channel letters and dimensional letters are highly recommended for any business or establishment. These signs can accomplish a perfectly professional-looking storefront for office buildings or retail outlets and invite more customers.

Lighted Signs

custom lighted storefront

One of our best-selling outdoor signs is the LED lighted sign. They are crucial for the promotion of nighttime-operating businesses as well as for those looking to have a 24/7 marketing tool.

We use LED lighting in all our lighted signs since it is more economical and environmentally friendly than other illumination options. And if you want the appeal of traditional neon signs, we can also provide you with flexible LED tubes that you can bend into any shape that you want. These LED tubes are brighter than traditional neon but still more visible even under the sunlight.

Lighted signs are ideally used in malls, restaurants, convenience stores, gasoline stations, theaters, bars, and other establishments that open during nighttime.

Custom Sign Panels

If you want budget-friendly yet highly customizable signage for your storefront, these solid sign panels will be the perfect addition to your exterior. You can have them in different sizes depending on your budget and type of marketing.

custom storefront sign panelFor a lot of our clients, our custom sign panels are best for connecting signage, allowing you to have an elaborate marketing campaign without overwhelming your audience with overcrowded single signage.

We can complete your sign panels with either black-and-white or full-colored graphics with a consistent guarantee of high-impact overall appeal. For maximum effect, you can choose to illuminate your signage with an acrylic panel and translucent paint.

Custom sign panels are suitable storefront signs for any establishment that can use affordable, attractive, and durable signage. These establishments include start-up businesses, retail stores, food outlets, manufacturing plants, and more!

Canopy & Awning Signs

For some businesses, having an extended, sheltered outdoor space or an extra shade by the entrance is essential to provide a better customer experience. If you want the same, you can achieve this while having an attractive storefront using our custom awning and canopy signs.

custom awning signMost of these signs are crafted out of stretched canvas that you can customize with your company logo, name, or slogan. And although they’re practically the same, awning and canopy signs have a key difference. The former are directly mounted on the building, commonly over the front window, to provide shade to the adjacent indoor space.

Canopy signs, on the other hand, provide a more extended shaded space. One end is still attached to the building, but the other will require extra structural support. Typically, these signs are installed by the front door to provide shelter for customers or additional space for outdoor seats or displays.

Canopy and awning signs are popular among establishments that want their storefront to have a boutique appeal. These include hotels, jewelry stores, salons, specialty shops, galleries, and other chain businesses that want a uniform storefront.

Monument Signs

custom foam monument sign

For a landmark that’s hard to miss, invest in our monument sign and give your establishment that will effectively impress your potential customers. These solid structures are ideal for having an elegant front space that will reinforce your professional brand image.

Your monument sign can be made from any of the following materials: foam-core & armored foam, aluminum & metal, plastic, wood, stone & brick masonry, or poured concrete. The details of your business (e.g., name, founding year, business hours, slogan, etc.) can either be etched on your chosen material or be reflected through the more modern addition of a digital sign panel.

Monument signs are commonly seen in front of resorts, universities, hospitals, churches, government facilities, and other commercial establishments.

Pole Signs & Pylon Signs

Highway advertising is a recommended way of increasing your traffic and brand awareness, especially if you’re located away from the main road or other buildings are obstructing you from the public’s view. Fortunately, you can cost-effectively do this with the help of our pylon and pole signs.

custom digital pole signThese signs can guide people to your exact location and be a constant, eye-catching reminder of your brand to countless people in transit every day. Multi-tenant buildings also utilize pole signs to display the names of their tenants and give equal exposure to the various businesses housed in their buildings.

If you prefer, we can add LED lighting to your pole sign, so it’s even more impossible for people to miss it, considering its towering height is already an attention-grabbing feature. We’ll also make sure that we use durable materials for your signage so it can withstand various weather conditions and road hazards without fading or getting damaged too soon.

Pole signs are typically installed by malls, supermarkets, shopping centers, gas stations, fast-food chains, diners, and other commercial buildings.

Complete Exterior Signage Provider

post panel outdoor sign directoryIf you’re looking for the best Garner outdoor signs, Carolina Signs and Wonders can give the best value to your investment regardless of your budget range. We are equipped with industrial-grade tools, materials, and skills that allow us to effectively customize any outdoor sign suitable for your specific business needs and brand image.

Our team is a proven expert when it comes to designing, manufacturing, and installing all kinds of exterior signs and catering to all sorts of customization requests. Here are some of the signage that we can provide:

Aside from the abovementioned signage, we also have other offerings, including indoor signs and graphics. Give us a call today, and our signage experts will present all your appropriate options and help you finalize all the customization details for maximum marketing impact.

Full-Service Exterior Sign Company

custom outdoor dimensional signsCarolina Signs and Wonders is a respected name in the signage-making industry that has served countless satisfied clients over the years. Every member of our team is skilled in their respective area of specialty: graphic design, sign fabrication, and sign installation.

Whether you want indoor or outdoor signs, our Garner, NC sign company can provide the most high-impact, durable, and budget-friendly signage to help improve your business performance. We’ll make sure that not only will it get your message across clearly but also appeal to your specific target market. We guarantee high-quality graphics that can be seen from a distance and maximize the visibility of your building.

More importantly, we’ll source your signage material from trusted suppliers alone so we can ensure that you’ll get the best quality within the least possible purchase cost. This will help secure the durability of your signage along with our fabrication expertise, providing you with long-lasting outdoor signs that can effectively market your business 24/7.

Free Outdoor Sign Consultation

Garner Outdoor Signs carolina signs content logoHow your building looks on the outside is a huge factor in the amount of customer traffic you can draw in. So if you want an impressive storefront that will compel your potential customers to trust in your business, invest in Carolina Signs and Wonders’s premium-quality Garner outdoor signs.

With the help of our signage experts, you will have an attractive exterior that will let you outshine your surrounding competitors and make your brand more professional-looking. Discuss all your signage customization options today, and get ready to transform your storefront for a significant increase in traffic, sales, and overall customer engagement.

Call Carolina Signs and Wonders at (919) 355-3018 for your Free Consultation with a Garner Outdoor Sign Specialist!