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Raleigh Pylon Signs


Not all businesses have a strategic location on their property that will allow them to catch their target market’s attention easily. Some may be located far from any major road, while others are inside building complexes alongside other businesses.

custom tenant pylon signVarious methods can help businesses compensate for the lack of visibility, such as through the help of pylon signs.

Our sign company offers comprehensive, affordable, and reliable Raleigh pylon signs tailored to the client requesting them.

We can design signs to any requirement or specification, even if the client has a specific budget for the project. Our service covers the entire sign project in-house, from conceptualizing the pylon sign’s design to installation, maintenance, and repairs.

Raleigh Sign Company assures every client requesting a personalized business sign from us that they will get signs that are not compromised in quality.

We even offer a free consultation if you want to learn more about our sign service before we get to your request itself!

Call Raleigh Sign Company at (919) 355-3018 for your Free Consultation with a Raleigh Pylon Sign expert!

Illuminated Sign Boxes

pylon illuminated sign boxes

Pylon signs are easy to notice because of how big they are typically made. However, it is also very easy to miss if the sign is installed in the right location or if it was designed poorly and without key features that will help it stand out.

Our pylon sign experts can create pylon signs with illumination, allowing them to work in any weather or time. We can design these sign boxes to match your branding and shape them in the dimensions, which can positively impact anyone who sees it. We often recommend illuminated sign boxes for businesses with night-time operations and commercial facilities.

Aside from making these pylon signs in-house, Raleigh Sign Company has a great team of installers and electricians that can securely install your illuminated pylon signs. They will safely connect the electrical components of your pylon signs to your electric lines and ensure that it does not increase your electric bill significantly when in use.

Affordable Tenant Signs

Our personalized pylon signs can also be used as affordable tenant signs for business complexes or commercial facilities.

custom tenant signFor this application, we will visit your location to determine the optimal place to install your tenant signs and how they could be personalized to suit every tenant or division in your complex.

If the facility is for multiple tenants, the tenant signs we will make have allotted slots for tenants to use for their respective signs or content. Your tenants can work with us to design what goes on their respective panels, and we’ll add the necessary optimizations to keep it visible, like lighting.

On a budget? No problem! Our team is ready to help you conceptualize your tenant signs with your tenants or department so everyone can benefit from their use.

Weather-Proof Outdoor Signage

Since it will be used in outdoor applications, your Raleigh pylon signs must be made to withstand any weather at all times.

custom pylon signAt Raleigh Sign Company, we use durable materials for all the pylon signs we create because we know that it needs to stay active from day to night, rain or shine. Using durable materials for your signs also guarantees that they will not need constant maintenance, and if there should be repairs or replacements, they can be done easily.

During the design process, we already incorporated various protections for the pylon signs so they would not get damaged easily by the elements. It will also be reinforced with additional frames and coverings for stability and protection. We also use durable paint or ink and advanced sign techniques to ensure the sign won’t fade easily.

We can sit down with you to discuss the available options for your pylon signs’ structure and theme. You can choose sign faces made from acrylic, polycarbonate, or channel letters. We can even add electronic message centers in the mix. The final product will be pylon signs that you are certain will last even in the harshest weather conditions.

Full-Service Sign Company

Are you looking for a team that can explain how the sign service works and deliver the right sign each time you request it? Raleigh Sign Company is the team you are looking for!

Outdoor Tenant Pylon SignOur clients love our team for always delivering high-quality business signs made from durable materials and tailored to every client’s need. We are also highly rated for delivering these personalized signs on time and installing them in the right areas where they will be visible. Our team also guarantees that each sign is made with immense care and attention, free from compromise.

Once we receive your request for personalized Raleigh pylon signs, we will assign one of our sign experts that will serve as your contact throughout the project and handle your request. They can provide you with samples to give you ideas on how to design your own pylon signs, and if you have an existing design, your assigned sign expert can look at it and modify it to match the pylon sign layout selected. They can also recommend the best optimizations to help your branding and content stand out and tap into your target market’s curiosity.

Considering the scale of pylon signs and where they are usually installed, we have a dedicated installation and maintenance team. Before bringing the pylon signs to the location, the team will visit your location to determine where they should be installed to achieve maximum visibility. When the location is selected, our team will prepare the area and install each component, including the electrical components. The team can also apply for the necessary permits to install these pylon signs in your location.

Free Pylon Sign Consultation

Raleigh Pylon Signs rsigns logo 300x48If your business is far from the road or in any area where you have a lot of competition, you need a sign that will help you stand out and help people find you immediately. It must also be personalized to show your branding without cramming too much information in one display.

Our Raleigh, NC sign company can create the perfect pylon signs for your business and make sure it helps create a positive impression. Our free consultation service lets us show you the best options for designs and optimizations for pylon signs today. We promise the process will be very straightforward, and in the end, you will see how easy it is to request a personalized sign for your business.

Call Raleigh Sign Company at (919) 355-3018 for your Free Consultation with a Raleigh Pylon Sign expert!