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Your building’s appearance is often a major factor in people’s buying decisions. Yes, you may have great products and services, but people will most likely judge you by how they see you first. This is precisely why investing in exceptional building signage is crucial, as it can instantly captivate all your potential customers—or do the opposite.

storefront building sign

Carolina Signs and Wonders is a leading signage company, and we understand the paramount importance of signage for business success. To ensure that your brand remains consistently visible and your target audience is enticed, we’ve trained every member of our team to exclusively create top-tier building signs. Collaborating with us will undoubtedly set you apart from your local competitors.

When your building sign is designed, crafted, and installed by our dedicated team, it becomes an emblem of your brand and a messenger of your brand’s essence. Whether you desire a logo to represent your brand or promotional signage to drive sales, we’re equipped to craft the perfect building sign for your business.

For the design, fabrication, installation, and maintenance of your Raleigh building signs, trust only the most skilled and dedicated signage company!

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The Right Sign for Your Building

Every business needs effective visual tools for people to see their building, store, or office. There’s also a good set of key considerations to decide what these tools look like. This includes target audience, local competition, location, branding identity, and budget.

Building SignAll these factors are carefully weighed by Carolina Signs and Wonders‘s expert team when crafting your perfect building sign. Before proceeding with sign production, our on-site assessment team will thoroughly inspect your building. During this phase, we’ll measure your space, analyze the local competition, and offer recommendations perfect for your specific case.

We know the details might seem overwhelming. But don’t worry, we’ve got it all covered. From the initial consultation through design, manufacturing, installation, maintenance, and even repairs, Carolina Signs and Wonders is your trusted partner for all your Raleigh building signs!

Types of Building Signs

Wall Sign

Our experts at Carolina Signs and Wonders specialize in building signs. So, we know what to best recommend as a perfect match for your business. Through an in-depth analysis of your signage needs, we ensure that the signs we provide will set you apart from your competitors.

Your Raleigh building signs will be exclusively designed to mirror your company’s core values. While we have commonly used materials for sign production, we can craft unique designs that make your sign stand out, even if others in your industry use similar materials.

Channel Letters & Dimensional Letters

First on the list, channel letters and dimensional letters stand out as a favorite among our clients. Their flexibility in style, font, and color is truly remarkable.

Custom Channel Letter Building SignYou can get them in many looks and styles, changing up elements like letters, numbers, shapes, and logos based on your preferences or branding.

Indeed, channel letters and dimensional letters prove advantageous for nearly all types of businesses due to their extensive customization potential. On top of this, they are also known to demonstrate durability.

Also, channel letters can be illuminated to enhance their attractiveness and visibility. On the other hand, since dimensional letters are typically cut from a single sheet of metal or acrylic, consider adding backlighting to elevate their impact.

Lighted Signs

Lighted Sign

Take advantage of our illuminated building signage to promote your business, ensuring visibility regardless of the time of day or weather conditions. Whether you opt for backlit signs or integrated light signs, your business will shine day and night.

Rest easy knowing that your target audience can easily see your building no matter what time it is—all thanks to LED building signs. These signs are a favorite of businesses running till late-night hours, including bars, shops, convenience stores, petrol stations, theaters, and other enterprises.

Projecting Signs, Hanging Signs & Blade Signs

Projecting Sign, Hanging SignProjecting, hanging, or blade signs differ from flat signs as they are mounted perpendicularly to your building—offering a new, cool look!

With Carolina Signs and Wonders, these signs can be custom-crafted for you using materials such as wood, metal, or even High-Density Urethane Foam. You can even opt for illuminated cabinet signage. These building signs not only make people stop and pay attention to your business but also serve as directional signs, making it effortless for customers to locate your business within, say, a commercial complex.

Canopy & Awning Signs

Awning signs will increase your company’s visibility while providing extra protection and shade to your storefront. These signs can be made of whatever material you want as we customize them to meet your unique objectives and creative preferences.

Custom Building Sign & Awning SignThe building sign experts at our Raleigh, NC sign company will guide you in selecting the most long-lasting and weather-resistant materials for your Raleigh building signs. Moreover, the style of your sign will be meticulously crafted in collaboration with you, considering your preferences and brand identity.

Whether you’re aiming for a boutique-like ambiance or require a functional canopy, our awning and canopy signs are the perfect choice for your business!

Free Building Sign Consultation

Raleigh Building Signs carolina signs content logoAt Carolina Signs and Wonders, we’re committed to giving your business a standout look that attracts and retains customers. In today’s trend of people wanting to capture and share images of their experiences on social media, we understand the importance of having perfectly attractive building signs!

Our team is eager to design, craft, and install visually striking, long-lasting Raleigh building signs that set your company apart. So what are you waiting for? Reach out to Carolina Signs and Wonders now for all your signage needs!

Call Carolina Signs and Wonders at (919) 355-3018 for your Free Consultation with a Raleigh Building Sign expert!